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At Shootday, portrait photography in Abu Dhabi is our canvas for storytelling, where every frame narrates its own tale. From the poised sophistication of professional headshots to the candid embrace within family portraits, our team of skilled photographers is dedicated to crafting timeless stories. These portraits not only mirror the essence of the present but unfold as cherished chapters in the story of your life

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Reveal Our Captivating Array of Portraits

Exceptional portraits are born from the fusion of these key elements:


Emotional Resonance

A masterful portrait breathes with genuine emotions, forging an unspoken bond between the subject and the observer. It's an art of translating feelings—be it the sparkle of joy, the depth of contemplation, or the intensity of emotion—inviting viewers to connect on an emotional level.

Artful Composition

Crafting a portrait involves an intricate dance of elements within the frame—the subject's stance, the backdrop, and the skillful use of space. This orchestration aims not just to capture but to convey a precise message or mood, drawing focus and telling a story.


Light, be it natural or meticulously harnessed, paints the portrait's narrative. It sculpts the subject, breathing life into contours, fostering depth, and setting the emotional tone—key in creating a captivating visual narrative.

Precision in Details

A superior portrait meticulously sharpens focus on the subject's essence—clarity in the eyes or facial features—while delicately blurring the background. Additionally, post-processing enhances the portrait, ensuring colors harmonize, contrasts elevate, yet always preserving the subject's innate authenticity.

Type of portraits we capture in Abu Dhabi

Individual Portraits

These portraits center on an individual, seeking to encapsulate their uniqueness, emotions, and character. From close-up headshots to expansive full-body frames, they celebrate the distinct essence of the subject.

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Family Portraits

Family portraits weave a visual tale of connections among multiple members in a single snapshot. These images illuminate the intricacies of relationships, interactions, and the heartfelt ties shared within the family unit.

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Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots serve the professional realm, capturing individuals within a business context. These portraits strive to project competence, confidence, and approachability, often used for professional profiles, corporate websites, and marketing materials.

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Candid Portraits

Candid portraits seize spontaneous moments, unveiling genuine emotions and unfiltered expressions. These shots, devoid of poses, present an authentic, natural depiction of the subject's true self.

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